I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.


My blog is under construction and I am taking every day to continue to build up each page with information about my passions. 

My passion for yoga began in college when I walked into my first Ashtanga class. I was so incredibly lucky to have an amazing teacher that guided me for all 4 years through the practice. She spent a few months of the year studying in India but otherwise I had the opportunity to practice with her almost daily. I continued after college practicing while in Northern California where I moved after college. 

In 2007 I started my first teacher training program and although going into the program, I had no intention of teaching, I walked out completely inspired to do so. I have since taken another 200 training and a 500 hour and I have accreditation as an experienced 200 teacher and 500 level yoga alliance instructor. My love of learning continues and my love of yoga grows more and more every day. I taught through my pregnancy which was the most magical experience. It helped me through all the emotions that naturally come with growing a human being inside you. 

Yoga has not only transformed my body but it has dramatically changed the way I live my life. Our practice on the mat is an opportunity to deeply look at ourselves. To move and breathe with the intention to open up and grow and then to take it off the mat into the rest of our life and relationships. 

I like to design my classes with sequences that are challenging, strengthening and balancing. I believe it is really important to get out of our comfort zone. Both running and yoga offer so many moments to challenge ourselves in a physical and mental manner. It is during these moments when our presence and focus can change us….those magical and surreal breaths when we feel fluid and are moving with ease. The more we practice breathing and staying present as we flow in yoga or run or any other type of life activity, the more we will be able to experience life fully. 

As with the running page, I would like to offer information that would be of interest to you so please contact me with comments and questions. What poses are challenging for you? What helps you get on your mat? What keeps you from practicing consistently? What part of yoga intrigues you? 

I would like to add to the page yoga books that have helped me, sequences I practice and teach, and how yoga can help transform many areas of our life.