I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.


Being present 

“When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there? “-Thich Naht Hanh My son teaches me this every day. An amazing gift that comes with childhood is play: The ability to explore and discover the world with open eyes in each moment. The other day at the park I watched Lucas climb the steps, cross a bridge, […]

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A Magical Season 

I feel there is something so magical about the Season of Fall. Leaves change color and drop from the trees, the weather cools and there is the Autumn Harvest. For me, I feel most grounded during this Season. I feel at home and ready to slow down, cook a bit more and focus on creative projects.  Lucas and I have been in the kitchen a lot this week. It is […]

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A few favorites from today 

We have a really busy schedule the next 10 days or so helping family out so I took today to try and do quite a few of Lucas’s favorite things. Below are the pics. The new playground we found was fantastic on all levels and we started out alone but within a half an hour, Lucas had 4 or 5 buddies to play with.  And I had a huge salad […]

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Inspired to Share 

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge”-Bertrand Russell  I began studying this week with IIN, also known as The Institute of Integrated Nutrition. I have studied quite a bit of nutrition in my life especially revolving around my yoga trainings but I feel this is a wonderful next step in learning more information about the holistic aspects of health and how I can implement them […]

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As the weather cools down 

I have always loved Fall and we are so close, I can smell it in the air. It was a really busy Spring and Summer that I enjoyed immensely. But we moved fast and honestly, my body could use a bit of slowing down and I am looking forward to using Fall as an opportunity to do some creative projects with Lucas, much more writing, daily yoga and a combination […]

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Beauty within the chaos….

I have been trying to write this post for a week now but my family is priority and two weekends ago, I had a family emergency. It stopped me instantly in my tracks, broke my heart wide open, and I spent over a week completely scared, and yet at the same time overwhelmingly blessed and humbled by my family. We are all so different and yet we individually offer special […]

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Humbling moments can become treasures

It is funny to write what I am about to say but it is 100 percent true:  ‘I have a difficult time remembering what it was like to be a runner prior to having a baby’😊 Lucas has strengthened me in so many ways that how I navigate through my day is consistently influenced by the impact he has made on my life. He is such an overwhelmingly beautiful, crazy, […]

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