I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.


Baby #2

Before I start going into more depth with my blog posts about this pregancy, I thought I would mention below what I am thinking of discussing and then receive some feedback and proceed from there. Every pregnancy is different and every woman is different but I am looking forward to sharing my personal experience/perspective. I will add a little backstory before I discuss my topics because I think it will […]

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For my Dad

My father passed away last month and until now, sitting down and writing a blog post was too emotionally difficult for me. My father was a brilliant man, a man that gave to everyone before he gave to himself and who was 100 percent dedicated to his family and his purpose and passion of saving children’s lives in his field of work. Some of my most challenging times in my […]

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A long time coming 

 I hardly know where to start for this post because it has been so long but it really feels good to finally be getting a chance to write. Between packing, unpacking, a half marathon race, the holidays and then getting a very intense cold, this post took a long time to finally happen.  Remember back on December 16th I raced a half marathon?😂 It seems a very long time ago. […]

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A few Fall favorites 

We are in the middle of moving but I couldn’t pass up my desire to write a post. I have done quite a bit of yoga over the past few days. Perspective is everything and always gives me an opportunity to check in with what is important and authentic.  I also wanted to share some of my favorite things over the past few weeks. It is a fairly balanced blend […]

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Moving and changing 

The last time we did a really big move was when Lucas was 4 months old and that was across state. This time it is only across town but nonetheless seems ever so challenging with a toddler.  But there is something that I love about moving. I have moved over 20 times. I have moved for school, work, relationships, travel or simply the desire to begin new. I don’t like […]

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In an effort to fully experience the moments I have with my child and husband, I have been spending less and less time with my phone in my hand. Refreshing? Absolutely  I am forever grateful that my parents offered me an amazing childhood. They gave me opportunities to find and feel my passions, to ride my bike for hours on end with my friends, to play make believe outside the […]

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The beginning of October with my boys. 

I am in the car writing this because my son is asleep after he played for a couple of hours with his friends and I swam laps. I am loving how I feel swimming currently. As with many things, consistency makes us stronger. This is definitely true for swimming. I feel so much smoother moving through the water. My shoulders and hips are open because I have been doing quite […]

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