I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Buddha Baby #2


I will be 4 weeks postpartum come this Monday and took today as an opportunity to write about how things have been going.

With Lucas, Eric did not have paternity leave. In fact, Eric had conference calls at the hospital the day after Lucas was delivered. Thank you, thank you, thank you to his current job for offering paternity leave. What a blessing. Lucas is soooooo active and having the extra help, not to mention Eric having the opportunity to spend time with Andrew in the beginning is HUGE. That being said, I am still trying to find my groove. I forgot what it is like to have a child COMPLETELY dependent on you. Lucas is now at the stage where he is much more independent, potty trained, plays well and eats what we are eating. So, it has been an adventure the past month to say the least.

To rewind a bit, my last two weeks of pregnancy were rather intense. Andrew was REALLY low and I was already 3 cm dilated but stayed that way till 40 and 1/2 weeks. It made it physically intense and I credit a daily and early morning yoga practice to not only keeping me sane but to giving me the strength to handle the very painful but at the same time most exhilarating and glorious labor. Eric still asks me if Lucas or Andrew was more painful. Let me put it this way: the entire hospital heard me when I was pushing out Andrew. I felt every single thing and it was the most empowering experience I have ever had to this date. It was 13 hours of labor after my water broke but once he was ready, it was only 10 minutes of pushing. He came out fast. We also had a little surprise. My entire pregnancy, the doctor’s kept telling us we were having a smaller than average baby. We only had one ultrasound at 20 weeks, so the measurements were based purely on measuring my belly. Well, I am 5’8 and have a long torso and apparently hid the baby well. Andrew was 9 lbs. What a beautiful baby he is! Eric cried more than I did this time around. It was an emotional pregnancy. Between losing my father and having intense emotions the entire 3 trimesters, it was truly a powerful experience delivering our second son and also realizing we are now raising two sons. Nothing compares to the journey of having a child. It really is magical and terrifying and nothing you can completely prepare for. Lucas and Andrew are more than Eric and I could ever have dreamed of.

I am recovering really well. With Lucas I had some stitches and that kept me sore for a little longer. With Andrew I did not need any stitches. I am feeling so good now at 4 weeks postpartum minus some sleep deprivation. We have been doing yoga and walking or hiking consistently and I have my 4 week checkup this week to see if I am cleared for running. I will be taking running super slow. My body definitely feels ready but given I would like to begin racing half marathons at 4 months PP, I will FOR SURE be emphasizing yoga and strength exercises in addition to a slow build up of running. My first few races, I plan to just do for fun. In reality my postpartum PR’s with Lucas did not come till after a year and I really just want to go out and have fun with the running community regardless of time or the pressure of performing a certain way. I love running so much and want to keep it that way. I am also passionate about yoga and would like to keep the balance going of the two because mentally, emotionally, and physically that is the healthiest for me.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding which is going very well. Andrew is a big and healthy eater, so I will be very conscious of that as I return to running. I have the tendency to get busy and forget to eat or not eat enough and so being conscious of this and preparing and cooking meals has to be a priority.

I miss writing. I mean I really miss it and plan to do it much more often. However, the first few months postpartum are a learning experience and having a toddler and an infant and a husband that I adore more and more every day will be first on the list. But writing for sure helps me, it is something that keeps me in tune, it offers me perspective, it clears my head and it really is one of my favorite ways of expression.

I would love to hear from you. Instagram has been great because I am able to stay in touch with my students, fellow yoga teachers and the running community and the support I have received has been amazing. I cannot wait to see what this next year has to bring and I look forward to sharing my postpartum running journey, yoga and adventures of motherhood and family with you.

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