I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

25 week Pregnancy update and other randoms:)


I definitely remember this point in my pregnancy with Lucas. It is the point when I really start to feel pregnant. I can feel the baby kicking quite often now, I am very aware that our life is going to change soon in the most amazing and scary way, and my to do list has all of a sudden become very large:) My anxiety has gone up a bit as well:)

My energy has been pretty good, though I tend to get tired around 5pm especially if I have done a stroller run with Lucas and it has been warm out. My appetite has been rather inconsistent .This is pretty normal for me during pregnancy. Some days my appetite is large, some days I really am not interested in eating that much food. That is the way my body is and I am ok with it. Also, as the baby gets bigger and the weather warms up, my appetite varies quite a bit. My diet, per usual, has been simple and I have stuck with my love for oatmeal and peanut butter, apples have tasted good along with grapes, I have a salad pretty much every night. I try to add some raw veggies such as cucumbers and peppers because they are very refreshing, broccoli, corn, avocado, pickles (of course), and either a tahini dressing or a vinagrette of some sort. I also seem to be into all kinds of mustards right now. And then for grains, lately I have been into whole wheat or corn tortillas and eggs and/or beans (along with as much salsa as possible:)), or I do a rice dish. Pasta has been off my radar for some reason. It never seems to sound good to me. I have made homemade banana bread and pumpkin bread and the banana bread is hitting the spot pretty much every day. The chocolate chips most definitely have something to do with it.  And then easy toast and organic grass fed butter is a great comforting snack that gives me some good fat. There is an organic whole wheat bread from Trader Joes that has a little bit of rye in it along with some other grains and my husband and I can’t seem to get enough of it. So good and budget friendly.


Tonight I am actually having Wild Alaskan Cod fish with my mom. As many of you know I am 99.9 percent vegetarian but the few times I eat fish are most often with my mom. Here is how we are planning to prepare it. Both of us have prepared it this way before: Olive oil, bread crumbs, lemon juice, a little white wine vinegar, all at 400 degrees and then top it with parsley and green onion. It takes about 40 minutes, prep included. Totally easy to make and very comforting and nourishing. Try it! 

Overall it has been amazing to get in so much movement lately. The inevitable anxiety that comes with preparing for our second child is always put into perspective when I get in a healthy amount of outdoor time and movement. Our running stroller miles are slow but I don’t even care as long as I get to move my body. We have done a few 9 milers lately which I felt at the end but loved every moment in between. Swimming has been extraordinary and I will be switching up a couple of my runs for swims in the next few weeks as the baby gets bigger. It has been hot so swimming is much more appealing.


I have LOVED baking lately, along with reading. I am currently reading another Murakami book. It is called Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. He is a brilliant writer in my opinion. His writing is honest, surreal, completely weird, and just makes you think about the world in a different way. I also think he raises a lot of points and discussions in his books that often are not talked about very much because they are feared topics and I find them so interesting. Love, loss, different dimensions, eccentric characters, brilliant dialogue, and creative plots. You can’t go wrong. And those of you that are runner’s or just interested in running, Murakami is a runner himself, a marathoner in fact. He actually wrote a memoir,What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. It is an easy read and I love how he connects his running to his writing and how the two compliment one another and provide fuel for his productivity and his goals.

I decided to add in some of my favorite products into this post. These are products I have used prior to pregnancy and throughout the pregnancy. We have some things to buy for the new baby but we have yet to buy them because my husband and I are both into researching pretty much everything. We are very particular about the products, food, items we bring into the house and fortunately we are almost 100 percent agree on ingredients we are good with. We could end up getting some things in the last month. That is fine. Lucas did come until 41 weeks. I have a feeling his brother will be late too.

Ok, so below are my top choice for multivitamins for the entire family. In my opinion, multivitamins made from whole foods is the only way to go. My husband did most of the research and likes this company the best. They are not cheap but vitamins with synthetic ingredients are absolutely NOT ok with me.


The Organic Argan oil from Trader Joes is my new best friend for my face lately along with my hair. I have thick but dry hair and fair, freckley, dry skin and I love this oil because it blends in well without a greasy side effect.

Butter and Jam are my favorites on toast right now and these are my beloved brands that I have been buying lately.


And for makeup, I tend to be VERY minimal and picky in general about what I put on my body. My favorite brands are Gabriel, Pacifica and Mineral Fusion (all healthier and more eco-friendly products) and I have bought them on repeat for a few years now. Honestly my favorite makeup to wear is lipstick. I like pretty neutral colors for the day but completely fine throwing on a deeper pink or red sometimes. Most of my life I have been pretty tomboyish and still am, but I do love some fun lipstick. (random fact about myself:)


Also, I swear by daily sunscreen. I thank my mother for that habit. This is the one we all use right now (my husband did the research on sunscreen) when we are active. And I ALWAYS wear a hat outside if I am running. I use this everywhere if I am swimming or running. It does the trick for sure. I already have sensitive skin but pregnancy hormones make your skin even more sensitive. And next to the sunscreen pic is one of my favorite herbal oils to use. I often spray it on our bed and travel with it if we are going somewhere.


Ok, let me know what other type of products you want me to post about. Again, my husband and I are very particular about things. We do our research which takes time but is soooooo WORTH it. I like the idea of adding a few favorite products into each post.

I am ending with my favorite pic of Lucas from the week. We love our apples:)



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