I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Baby #2

img_20180531_182151_725535346691.jpgBefore I start going into more depth with my blog posts about this pregancy, I thought I would mention below what I am thinking of discussing and then receive some feedback and proceed from there. Every pregnancy is different and every woman is different but I am looking forward to sharing my personal experience/perspective. I will add a little backstory before I discuss my topics because I think it will help.

To start with, there are a couple of factors that went into my first trimester of this pregnancy that dramatically made things very different from my pregnancy with Lucas. The first obvious factor: being pregnant while taking care of a toddler adds a new level of exhaustion. I had intense morning sickness with Lucas but I also had the luxury of being able to nap and go to bed as early as I wanted to. With this one, I tried hard to nap, but Lucas is terrible at napping except when he is in the stroller and I went to bed as soon as I put Lucas down but still it was not as easy to get in 10 hours of sleep a night (what I personally need during my first trimester). I had morning sickness from 5.5 weeks to 13.5 weeks. It was 24 hours a day and I lost my meals more often this time around. My food aversions included ALL FOODS. I kept telling Eric this time around I was more sick but he thinks I just forgot about what it was like with Lucas. There is a very real possibility that is true…because when you look at your baby for the first time, the challenging times become irrelevant:)

Another factor was that my father became very ill and passed away during my first trimester and my emotions and stress were high. I was so sad and there was nothing that was going to change it. It was very important for me to feel the grief and be present with my family and while I made sure I was resting, I gave myself full right to cry and feel sad. I have studied yoga and holistic health for so long now and the value one gains from experiencing emotions in the moment is healthy for the body and mind and necessary. The last thing I told my father while he was conscious and awake to understand was that he was going to be a grandfather again. I made sure I told stories and talked with my family a ton about my Dad and still constantly do because I want Lucas to hear and the new baby. Healthy emotions are wonderful and important and something I feel strongly about in my passion to raise strong, confident, and emotionally intelligent children.

My activity level and energy changed over night when I reached my 14th week. The same exact thing happened with Lucas. The first trimester I lost a little weight because I could not eat very much and/or was throwing up and therefore my activity level was not as high as normal. Running made it worse so I did my best to swim and do yoga. Both were the only physical activities that alleviated my nausea.

However, when that 14th week hit, I was sooooo excited to take out our running stroller and continue our routine of morning runs. I now love to do between 5-9 miles about 6 days a week (All at a pace that is comfortable for me. No speed work). My body is used to the mileage and movement in general and it gives me so much energy during my pregnancy. I also swim occasionally and do quite a bit of yoga, particularly hip openers and strengthening standing poses, which I found to be incredibly beneficial in pregnancy as well as with the recovery process later.

So, finally time for my thoughts on what topics to include in my next 4-5 blog posts. Let me know what you are interested in.

-How I coped with all the nausea and food aversions.

-Yoga poses and sequences that alleviated some of the discomfort.

-How my diet was and what foods did I eat and what foods I avoided during the first trimester. And what my diet is like in the second trimester now that I actually want to open the fridge:)

-How I handled the beginning of pregnancy (which for me is the hardest) while taking care of a toddler full time.

-What other activities besides exercise do I find important and valuable to help with caring for a pregnancy.

-How has my running changed while pregnant and how do I know what mileage is good for me.

-My running races I did post partum with Lucas, how I worked up to them and what my plans are for after delivering baby #2

-What types of things I like to do with Eric and Lucas during pregnancy that I think are super beneficial to the health of our new baby.

-Books I have recently read (hint:none of them have to do with pregnancy because novels are a blessing during morning sickness)

Looking forward to hearing from you….

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  1. Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you & Eric & Lucas. I would LOVE to hear about all of those topics, mostly because I am terrified at the prospect of being pregnant and dealing with all of the pain/discomfort that could happen… but especially about how you adjusted your diet, and how your running changed/how you knew what mileage is good for you. Like you said everyone is different but it’s an invaluable perspective because I admire you so much (and miss your yoga classes every day)!
    PS – I really love that we are both Laurens and married to Erics… just a funny little connection that makes me smile 🙂


    • Lauren, I miss you so much and I love our connection as well, both being married to Eric’s. You will be AMAZING pregnant and my first topic I am writing tonight will be on diet and any changes I made during pregnancy. And then lots on running blog posts to follow. Hint: Lucas loved when I hiked or ran and this baby does too. 🤗💯


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