I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

A long time coming 

 I hardly know where to start for this post because it has been so long but it really feels good to finally be getting a chance to write. Between packing, unpacking, a half marathon race, the holidays and then getting a very intense cold, this post took a long time to finally happen. 

Remember back on December 16th I raced a half marathon?😂 It seems a very long time ago. This was the race I ran for my husband and it was my goal half marathon for the year. 

I would not consider my husband or I romantic. We are both pretty practical and no nonsense people but there have been a handful of moments for both of us, that would definitely qualify in my book, as teary eyed, magical and unforgettable moments that we have shared together. This race was one of them.

This was the first race Eric could not come to since we had met. He had a work deadline and so I decided I would race it for him. The race was on a Saturday and we moved that Tuesday so it was for sure the least amount of rest I have ever had before a race. I Stayed with my mom and she was awesome and made me dinner the night before and took care of Lucas.

That morning I could feel my legs were tired but my husband is my number one supporter. He has stood by me in everything and as I mentioned on IG, if you ever question your ability to be vulnerable and willing to put everything out there on the course, race for someone else. I did NOT wear a watch for the race on purpose. I wanted to run with ALL heart. Nothing holding me back or slowing me down. It was hands down my favorite race I have ever done. I was tired the entire time but did not care. I wanted sub 1:49 because every single part of me has gratitude for the life I have with Eric. And marriage and parenthood are no small feats. It takes so much intention, patience and grace. 

This is my romantic post for 2018. I ran 1:48 for the man that brings out the wild, free and powerful in me. Cheers to Eric! 

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