I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.


In an effort to fully experience the moments I have with my child and husband, I have been spending less and less time with my phone in my hand. Refreshing? Absolutely 

I am forever grateful that my parents offered me an amazing childhood. They gave me opportunities to find and feel my passions, to ride my bike for hours on end with my friends, to play make believe outside the house rather than staring at screens and they encouraged me to never settle for the mainstream even if it was uncomfortable.

So, it is definitely on my mind right now the dilemma I feel at times. I have gained friendships and information from social media. I have been exposed to people and resources I would not have otherwise seen without the internet but there are many days that I feel overstimulated. When I was in college and needed down time, away from academic studies or sports, I sat in the grass or on my bed and I read a novel. There was some social media but much less.

I am in the middle of training to be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, in which the curriculum involves much more than diet. So much of maintaining our health and becoming stronger is becoming balanced and healthy in the entire areas of our life.

Finding the balance of appreciating and utilizing technology while keeping the simplicity of what our bodies and mind crave so often (rest, play, writing and reading paper, and interacting in person with one another in a meaningful way) is HUGE for me. 

The moments in our life are a collection of treasures. Even the really hard moments have gifts in them. It is important to feel these moments with our senses. My son is still in that stage where he is 100 percent present with the moment. 

Our children teach us. The moments we have in this life deserve to be attended to. The simplicity I respect and resolve to experience more of is at everybody’s fingertips. And it is my every intention to practice the balance of where our world is at today and what my family and me thrive on personally. I thrive most when I am in nature, learning, living and discovering beyond the vision of any screen. There can be a balance. 

This was more of a journal post than anything, as I really felt the desire to write tonight. But given many of my relationships on social media are with mother’s or couples or athletes, I think many will be able to relate. 

Do you ever feel overstimulated?

Are there areas in your life you would like to simplify?

What helps you find your own balance in life? 

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