I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

The beginning of October with my boys. 

I am in the car writing this because my son is asleep after he played for a couple of hours with his friends and I swam laps. I am loving how I feel swimming currently. As with many things, consistency makes us stronger. This is definitely true for swimming. I feel so much smoother moving through the water. My shoulders and hips are open because I have been doing quite a bit of yoga so my strokes within the water are much more efficient. Truly grateful for the overall benefits swimming has. 

We have had a very busy past week visiting with family and going to a big surprise party for Eric’s Aunt. It is safe to say we have an extremely social kid. Lucas wanted to be a part of everything and meet everyone. Such a blast watching him explore and develop. 

We have done multiple stroller runs and Lucas is of course napping better than ever in our Thule stroller. I have mentioned this many times before but this is probably our top best and most used investment as parents. Such an easy to use, durable and very well made stroller. I highly recommend it if you want to run with your child or do long walks/hikes. I have been using it since Lucas was 6 months old which is the youngest age they recommend to start at.

I have been LOVING the Integrative Nutrition program I am doing. I literally want to share everything I am learning. I cannot wait to add more recipes and food thoughts/ideas as well as lifestyle changes I am making to create more balance within life. Such a perfect time to be going through the program, as being an example to my son is a top priority. 

Eric and I had our two year anniversary on October 10th. Eric is our anchor in the family. He is strong, kind and witty. Raising a very active child is no small task and very challenging for a marriage at times. It is not easy and yet every day I seem to be falling in love all over again with Eric. Challenges offer perspective and wisdom, particularly when you overcome them. He is a stellar husband and father and I love doing life with him. 

Below are some random pics that I took over the past 5 days. As a side note, I bought the below Super food cookies for Lucas and it turns out Eric likes them more😂 So I got him a couple boxes to bring to his office at work. 

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