I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Being present 

“When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there? “-Thich Naht Hanh

My son teaches me this every day. An amazing gift that comes with childhood is play: The ability to explore and discover the world with open eyes in each moment. The other day at the park I watched Lucas climb the steps, cross a bridge, crawl through a tunnel and climb a few more stairs so that he could go down the highest slide. He did it a dozen times equally excited each time. 

We spent the past 10 days helping my Dad with some stuff at the house and I found myself completely inspired by Lucas. His profound passion for movement and learning is contagious. And his love for the people in his life is fiercely transparent because of his presence. 

We fall in love with children because they are passionately invested in every moment of the day.

I have been incorporating this more into my cooking, into my interactions with my husband, into my family time, into my errands. It is harder when we have responsibilities and obligations as adults but now, more than ever, our world needs  love…it needs fiercely transparent devotion to the people and animals and to our environment. 

I am grateful for my husband and my son, for my family,  for yoga, running, writing, cooking and all of life. The lessons I learn along the way are not always easy. But one thing is for sure: my love for all of them is HUGE and I will do my best to stay present for all of them. 

Below are some pics from this week and the past weekend. It has been busy and at times very emotional but I am enjoying every moment of my Integrative Nutrition program, and spending time outside has helped on all levels. Nature is home. 

Happy Tuesday Eve! 

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