I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

As the weather cools down 

I have always loved Fall and we are so close, I can smell it in the air. It was a really busy Spring and Summer that I enjoyed immensely. But we moved fast and honestly, my body could use a bit of slowing down and I am looking forward to using Fall as an opportunity to do some creative projects with Lucas, much more writing, daily yoga and a combination of running/hiking. 

My cravings for salads are turning more into cravings for some warmer dishes (rice, quinoa, polenta, soups and warm veggies) and I am definitely ready for a pumpkin bread soon😊

Lucas is huge into building things lately so this week has been about getting outside, cooking some and lots and lots of building. Below are a few pics from the week. The rest of the week includes one longer run, one shorter run, yoga, a bridal shower, a couple of new recipes, and I am hoping to get in some serious work on the pages of my blog, including the yoga page and what I will be doing course work over the next year (health coach). 

I am grateful for a less eventful week. Simple and intentional is my theme I hope to carry through Fall. 

Side note: Anyone else love the kombucha I have captured below? I get it from Trader Joe’s and it hits the spot. 

Dinner from tonight which was 10 minutes of prep😅 Salad with mushrooms, tahini and sauerkraut. Two pieces of toast with red pepper hummus and smoked salmon. The combination is actually pretty amazing!

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