I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Organized chaos?😚

I am two days late on this post because of sleepless nights, family time, and close to no spare time in the past week. We are getting ready for a busy fall. But it is all exciting. 

We have a trip to Tahoe planned to watch my brother run a race, a weekend of teaching in my old stomping grounds of Northern Cali, my sister is getting married, I have a few races in the Fall, and many birthday celebrations. I am hoping for an advanced yoga teacher training either in February or May. It will depend on getting help with taking care of Lucas.

I am also continuing to write and finishing up a health coaching/nutrition accreditation program. 

In terms of my physical activity, I have done more swims than runs this past week. I am going to say that my challenge of stroller running for 30 days in July was a ton of fun but left my shoulders really tight. This was new for me. Usually yoga helps my shoulders stay open but we did so many hilly miles with the stroller, yoga could not compensate for the extra miles. Swimming and yoga this week is what my body needed because when I race my half marathon this coming Sunday, it is super important to have my body relaxed, particularly the shoulders. 

Diet/Nutrition wise, I seem to be loving salads. It is ridiculously hot out so raw food at night is amazing. Tahini is my favorite topping on any veggies and so good for you. Healthy fats, protein, and calcium. It is grounding for me and helps me sleep at night. Healthy fats have the tendency to induce great sleep because our brain finds them nourishing. During the day, I have been eating cottage cheese, cashews and walnuts, apples, carrots, rice cakes and peanut butter, string cheese, and tons of lunches involving soup. I have made a lot of chili lately. Seems a bit strange given the heat, but I really enjoy hearty soups.

I was going to list my favorite half marathons in this post but decided to wait for the next post because there are a number of races that have been special for me and for different reasons. 

I am pretty nervous for my race on Sunday. I have had no structured training for this half which is a really hilly race. That being said, I do have plenty of hilly miles in the bank, and in terms of endurance, I am confident but my interval training has been almost non-existent for two months because I have had Lucas most of the time with me. However, I am excited for the lessons this race has to offer me. As much as personal records are fun, what I love about running is the ease of it. That with a pair of shoes, you can explore a city, chase a sunrise, feel your breath, meet all different types of people, and thank your body for its ability to be able to run. I would like to race with that intention. Such a simple activity that is profound, welcoming, and beautiful. Cheers to 13.1! 

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