I am a passionate yogini and runner sharing my adventures of raising a son while living a simple and healthy lifestyle.

A week at a glance

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere” -Anne Lamott 

Lucas and I just returned home a few days ago. We had been house sitting my moms house for a month. This is part of the reason I chose the timing for the beginning of my blog. 30 days of writing coincided with being at my mom’s for 30 days. Getting out of our normal routine and having a flexible strategy helped me feel inspired to practice writing everyday. Now it feels so natural. We also did not bring very many belongings with us. I brought about a week’s worth of clothes for us, a few of Lucas’s favorite toys (ball, blocks, truck, and books), a few books for me, toiletries and my yoga mat. Having less stuff around was liberating and gave me the space to write, be attentive with Lucas and take care of my mom’s house which involved quite a bit of garden work and a cat. Those of you that follow me on Instagram also know that I ran all 30 days with Lucas in the Thule stroller. Over 200 miles, many hills and so much quality time with my son. The picture above is from Lucas on the track near my mom’s house. He absolutely loves running on the track but dislikes wearing any type of shoes.

As a side note, a few of the remark’s I have received about my blog so far have been requests for more posts on simplicity. This is a huge thing for me right now and I have many posts planned that will go into details about how I continue to simplify my life. 

The month was really amazing and very tough a times. I have missed two huge things in my life since becoming a mother: writing and teaching yoga on a regular basis. The yoga teaching in particular, has been incredibly difficult for me.  Teaching yoga has helped me grow as a woman, it has led me to some of my best friends and it so much a part of how I express myself. I will be teaching more and more as the year goes on and Lucas gets older but I did not realize until this month, with the opportunity to have more solo time and hours of writing, how much I missed teaching as well as the community that I moved away from when Lucas turned 3 months. I also did not realize how therapeutic it was to write down my honest feelings and reflect on the importance of continuing your passions as a mother. By acknowledging all of this, Lucas and I became even closer this month because my vulnerability made me more present and compassionate with him. He is so much my Buddha boy. My gratitude and love for him is infinite 💙🙏.

I am grateful we had the month. I am grateful I had the time to write down what I would like to offer in this blog, offer to myself, and offer to my family. I had a lot of moments of doubt and fear but I also had just as many moments of excitement and inspiration. 

Since being home the past couple of days, I have gone to a led Astanga yoga class that opened me up a ton. I am still feeling the incredible effects of the forward folds and backbends. We did a major grocery shopping trip so that we could meal prep a lot and have more time to be outdoors and to write this coming week. I went for a run with Lucas today and now he is outside playing soccer with his dad. My plan this week for the blog is to do a couple of posts on my favorite things to meal prep, to do a post on my favorite after-running yoga poses and one post (out of a series of posts) on simplifying my life. This blog is brand new so please continue to send comments and questions my way. 

Namaste to you all….

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